New Blog Address!

I've created a new blog for our family, it's called My Misters & Me! Please go to www.mymisters.blogspot.com to check it out and follow along as we watch our little mister grow!

collander hat


First Haircut!

We took Evan to get his haircut for the first time this week! My hairdresser, Melanie, did such a great job! Evan wasn't feeling his best this particular day {teething is the pits!} but he still managed a few smiles for Melanie. Such a big boy with a big boy haircut!

He was checking out the apron Melanie put on Mark very closely...he was weary of everything at first, but was very curious at the same time.
putting on the aprons

And then he got his very own apron...what a big boy!
evans apron
The first cut of hair!
first trim!
The second cut of hair!
second trim!
Getting the hang of sitting so still...almost done!
trim three!
A little bit of love for Melanie...so sweet!
why hello
Thanks Melanie for such a great haircut...see ya in six weeks, haha! 
melanie love


Evan: One Year Old!

We had Evan's one year pictures taken last week and they came in today! I love them {of course} and am excited to share them with you! Evan's such a ham and this bow tie was perfect for him, he sat perfectly for the picture...I just love it!


Our big ONE year old! This year has gone by so fast. I can't believe he's already ONE....
Our family of three!
Love this picture of him looking up at the camera, so cute!

Mommy and Evan...love him so much!

Daddy and Evan...Mark is such a great daddy and Evan just loves him!

Our silly boy!


Evan's First Birthday!

Although Evan won't OFFICIALLY be one until Monday, we celebrated today! It was more emotional for me than I expected, I actually teared up while we all sang happy birthday to him. He had a great time...he loved his smash cake, all of his presents, and having our friends at the house.
Here's our birthday boy! We bought balloons and Mark blew several up earlier in the day so Evan could play with them while we were preparing for the party. He just loves balloons!
Evan also sported his bib from Nana for the cake smashing event, isn't he adorable?!

First Birthday!

The birthday cake that I made for my little guy! Nothing beats homemade buttercream icing!
birthday cake
Our sweet family of three! I seriously can't believe it's been a year since Evan came into our lives.
I can't imagine one day without him!
family shot
Evan loved his smash cake!
He was hesitate at first but once he had that first taste he really dug in.
He takes after his momma that way...

First Birthday!1
Evan really enjoyed the process of opening presents. He showed interest with each one as he "helped" unwrap. He especially loved playing with the tissue paper {what child doesn't?!} while mom and dad helped him with the tricky stuff. 
We have very generous friends who showered Evan with some pretty awesome gifts. 
Thank you to each and every person who came today to celebrate Evan's special day!
activity puzzle

tissue fun

first present
drum set
 Evan changes everyday and if this year is any indication of how quickly time truly does fly, I want to stop tonight and treasure each moment I have with Evan. In the midst of the trying times that come with having a child, I want to remember each and every moment that brought joy. We are blessed beyond measure to have Evan. I can't wait to see what this next year holds for him and our family!
activity puzzle 2
So we officially have a one year old in our house now...watch out world!


Fun in the Snow!

Today we ventured out to the local park to let Evan experience the snow! I had heard that there was a hill at the park everyone used for sledding, we wanted to check it out!
Here he is all bundled up and ready to go. bundled up
The hill at Cico Park was really crowded with kids wanting to sled! I took a picture of it, but we didn't take Evan up the hill. We stayed at the bottom and pulled him around on the sled for a little while. I'm not sure he totally enjoyed it, but it was fun to take pictures of his first experience.
Snow Storm 20132
Here Evan is riding on the sled {thanks to my friend Julie for letting us borrow it}, I think he was taking everything in, his face wasn't too expressive but overall I think he enjoyed it.
evan on sled
Here's a smile!
evan on sled 2

He appears very tired in these pictures...we did go out just after nap time.
I guess he was still a bit sleepy!
Snow Storm 20131

Our house surrounded by blue sky and white snow.
Look closely...if you see anything different let me know!

Our mailbox surrounded by the huge pile of snow Mark shoveled from the driveway.


Snow Storm "Q"

Our first real snow storm of the winter season came early this morning at 6:30. The snow started falling and it kept falling ALL DAY! I believe a total of 6 inches fell today with more expected over night. We were home from work today and happily hung out in our pj's all day long. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Evan and watching him take in the winter wonderland. Tomorrow we're going to venture outside with him so he can play in the snow.

Snow Storm 2013
mark with shovel

Evan and Zoey loved watching Mark shovel the driveway from our front door.
It was precious to see Evan so interested in what was going on outside.
looking out front door

It was even more exciting when Mark came to the door and said "hello"!
daddy saying hello

Enjoying a lovely lunch of chicken nuggets and green beans. Evan is such a ham during meal times!
I think he really enjoyed the laid back day we had.
evan eating
evan eating 2


The Fun of Discovery!

Evan is discovering new things everyday! He seems to be more and more interested in the things around him...including the dog bed, the tv stand, the kitchen cabinets, the dog's water bowl etc.
I've caught a few of his discoveries on camera...
dog bed

dog bed 2

getting in cabinet
getting in cabinet 4
getting in cabinet 3
kitchen toys 4

Molly is very tolerant of Evan and his explorations. She's shared her bed with him {not at the same time, but she lets him get in it} and even tolerates his toys being dumped out all around her.
Sweet Molly...I love her so much!
molly near toys